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The University of Dubrovnik was founded in 2003 and comes from a long tradition, going back to the 17th century, when the Collegium Rhagusinum was founded as the fi rst public institution of higher education in Dubrovnik, attended by the notable scientist Ruđer Bošković. Modern higher education started with the establishment of the Maritime College, followed by the School of International Trade and Tourism, School of Maritime Studies, and the Dubrovnik Polytechnic. The University of Dubrovnik is the successor of all these schools. Its programmes, its organisation, and its technical equipment make it a cutting-edge institute of higher education.

The basic characteristics of the University of Dubrovnik are the following:

- Organisation and fi nancial activities enabling the integration of all University components
- Departments for university and professional study programmes and the organisation and performance of educational, scientifi c, and expert work
- Curriculum in line with the recommendations of the Bologna declaration
- Transfer of ECTS credits and student and teacher mobility
- Encouraging active inclusion of students in the educational process, administrative bodies, research projects, and extracurricular activities
- Continuous monitoring of teaching and education quality on the basis of mutual teacher and student evaluations
- Encouraging teaching and scientifi c training of teachers and associates
- Maintenance and improvement of work and business quality control system (HRN EN ISO 9001:2002)
- Monitoring economic and social needs when making new curriculums
- Openness to international cooperation aimed at attracting international programmes and foreign students

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